Sofia nightlife

Sofia night life is amazing – the city truly comes alive at night. An atmosphere of liberation and fun pervades the night life scene of Sofia. Because there are just a few licensing laws, bars can serve alcohol at any time of day or night so one can always find a party going on. Bars and cafes are usually closing at midnight (or later) and after that the city numerous night clubs are taking over the party until 5 or 6 AM.

There are many restaurants working during the night, providing the hungry crowd a warm breakfast in 6am and a quiet place where the tired party animals can discuss what happened in the night club and after that the bars and cafes open again. It is highly recommended to wear sunglasses when you go out in Sofia – you will need them for the morning sun. There are plenty of opportunities to see live music. Clubs regularly schedule performances by bands that play anything from traditional Bulgarian music to hardcore, punk, reggae, electronica, or metal. The largest clubs in Sofia are concentrated in Students’ town (Studentski grad). The city’s 16 universities promise that there is a continuous glut of young people looking to have a good time. The typical going out in Sofia includes a dinner in some fancy restaurant or mehana, then going to a bar with live music or a night club at midnight. At 3 am half the people are going home and the other half is changing the night club. At 5 or 6 o’clock people are either going home or they go and eat something before they go home. Another way of finishing the party night is going to erotic clubs which are usually open between 10 PM and 5 AM.

Public transport in Sofia comes to a halt from 1 am until 5 am, so you’ll need to take a taxi when out late. Sofia is a safe city, but walking alone at night is not recommended.

The Sofia night life is full of places to go in the evening.
Good places to go and have a dinner are: Victoria restaurants, Happy Bar & Grill, BESO Bar & Dinner;
Nice bars are: Corner, Baskerville, Murphy’s, etc. Swinging Hall is a bar where you can enjoy some quality live music at night.

You can find the largest concentration of bars in Sofia near Vitosha Blvd. and around Sofia University where many students like to hang out; You have an enormous choice for a night club: Yalta and Chervilo are the best for house and electronic music; go to LaRocca, Brilliantine or Liqueur for a good retro music; Alcohol and Backstage are good for those who love Rock; there are many chalga clubs (local type of music and exceptional atmosphere) like NightFlight, Sin City, Biad, Nai Club, Review, etc. ; a good selection of piano bars is also available, we can recommend My way, Sinatra, Big Apple and Lime Light; Sofia night life wouldn’t be complete if there were no strip clubs – the best one is Kama Sutra at Dondukov Blvd.
Sofia night life: Recommended restaurants

As in any big city the best nights to party in Sofia are Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

With all these and many more to choose from we’re pretty confident your Sofia night life experience will be a great one – certainly it will be if the friendly locals have anything to do with it!