Airport Transfer

Duration: 30 Minutes
Location: Sofia Airport
A warm welcome form your guide

Your personal guide for the weekend will be ready to great you as soon as your plane touches down. A private coach or a minibus will be waiting. This will save you valuable time on finding your own way to the hotel, before our guide has had a chance to welcome you.

We believe it is important to organise your transport back to the airport as well, so we have included this in the package.


Hotel Extra Night

Duration: 1 Day
Bar& Restaurant, Free WiFi
Location: Sofia City Centre
*** Twin occupancy

Sofia is a beautiful and fun place so we understand if you would like to stay more. You can get an extra night or more to suit your stag plan.

Let us know if you would like to explore outside the city and we can.


Hotel 2 nights

Duration: 2 Days
Time: Bar& Restaurant, Free WiFi
Location: Sofia City Centre
*** Twin occupancy

Finding the right accommodation if critical to any trip abroad, especially when it is a city break for just a few nights. Taking something too extravagant and expensive, may let you feel you overpaid. Getting an absolute bargain might mean cramming yourself in a hostel that might just dampen your mood.

No matter what the tour operators tell you, accommodation usually falls into three categories:
Amazing, a place so impressive that you will keep as one of your holiday memories for a long time;
Awful, something that left a bad taste and you rather remembered to avoid next time;
Just Fine, clean and comfortable accommodation that will fit so seamlessly in your holiday itinerary that you are most likely to forget about it.

We take the view that Just Fine accommodation, in the absolute centre of the city is what is needed. After all you will be out partying or in the room sleeping. All the expected hotel services are available and the beer is served cold. The swimming pool may be missing, but would you have the time to swim if there was one?

If you feel like getting that Amazing feeling and getting some extras, let us know and we will work hard to find you just the right upgrade.