Build your stag


Our hand-picked, clean and comfortable accommodation in the heart of the city.

£15 per person
Airport Transfer

Your personal guide for the weekend will be ready to great you as soon as your plane touches down. A private coach or a minibus will be waiting.

£25 per person
Hotel Extra Night

Sofia is a beautiful and fun place so we understand if you would like to stay more. You can get an extra night or more to suit your stag plan. [&hellip

£50 per person
Hotel 2 nights

Finding the right accommodation if critical to any trip abroad, especially when it is a city break for just a few nights. Taking something too extravagant and expensive, may let you feel you overpaid.


Some daytime adrenaline rush for the stag and his pals

£50 per person

No other game provides the realism of tactics stamina, marksmanship and pain when hit

£50 per person
Shooting Range

On TV it looks very easy, but do you have what it takes to shoot with live munition and hit the target? One of the most popular activities for stag parties is the shooting range

£15 per person

Good old Ten-pin bowling. One way to warm up for another night on the town or just a way to wind down with a few drinks. We can organise transport to and from the destination and book the lanes

£10 per person
Pool and Darts

Slowing down to have a few drinks and play some pool may be a good idea, so there is sufficient energy for later on in the night. This activity may be just the think that you need to recharge before your second night begins

Night Life

Add some glamour to your evening

£50 per person
Strip Bus Tour

Imagine a private Lap Dance bar on wheels. This is exactly what the Strip Bus is and it comes with your own DJ, barman and lap dancer

£10 per person
Lap Dance Club

Every visit to a Lap Dance club is different. And it all depends on the company you are with and the attitude of the girls

£35 per person
Private Strippers

Now we are getting to the important part. Having a private VIP area in a top night club can only be topped with the right type of company for the groom, and his trusted companions

£10 per person
VIP Clubbing Tickets

There is no point coming 1200 miles to have a stag party and have just an average night out. We include VIP entrance tickets with all our packages because we believe this is a must.

£25 per person
Stag Dinning

Partying all night requires good food to keep you going. Organising a good quality dinner for a large group of lads can be challenging, accept maybe if you are going to Nandos.

£10 per person
Bar Crawl

Starting the night with right drink and in the most trendy part of town is the best way to set the scene for what is to come. One size does not fit all, so we will tailor the bar crawl to your party rhythm.


Some outdoor activities to challenge and entertain you

£35 per person

When watching Formula 1 on TV, you can never get the exact sense of adrenaline as you do when behind the wheel of the latest 2015 Go Kart models in a challenging indoor race with at least 30 minutes driving time

£0 per person
Free Sofia Tour

Our friends at Free Sofia Tours organise fantastic walking tours of the 3000 years old city centre and give some saucy insides about how the main contender for capital of the Eastern Roman Empire found its way to the European Union

Total per person: £ 0

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